Welcome to my week

I have been a very bad blogger lately :( Forgive me? To make up for my lack of blogging as of late, here is what I have been up to this past week (in pictures, of course):

Feeding, bathing, walking, playing with, and most of all loving these adorable babies,
cheering on the Magic and being extremely disappointed when they lost to the Celtics, :(
sneaking pictures of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!! (did I mention I am a huge dork?),
enjoying blue slushies w/ my brother @ Universal,
being spoiled by my hubby <3,
fantasy bachelorette draft w/ my favorite ladies,
beating my brother in scrabble,
spending an amazing day at the beach with the most handsome man,
and having lunch at the hubs favorite place w/ my momma and brother.
(yup, that's a mohawk....)
As you can see I am very blessed with my hubs, family, friends, pups, and sunshine. And I pinky-promise to keep up with the blog better this week!

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