Me vs. The Yard

Typically in our house the hubs takes care of all outdoor maintenance (mowing, bug stuff, trees, whatever else is out there) and I take care of things inside (laundry, mopping, dishes, and so on). Of course, we both help each other out here and there, I've raked a time or two and he helps with the dishes occasionally but yesterday was my first real day of yard work.

I thought I would hate it. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind getting sweaty and dirty. And I actually enjoy the physical labor/being in the sun part because hello you get a workout and a tan while still doing something productive! Bonus! The reason I thought I would hate it so much is because I like things clean and organized. I love love love the smell of cleaning products (especially those with a lemony scent. yum). I get a thrill from walking barefoot across newly mopped tile (after it's dry, duh). The smell of freshly washed, warm laundry is heavenly and don't even get me started on a nice crisp fold. Oh and organization? Finding a nice little place for everything, labeling, sorting, filing.... pure joy!

Now that you all think I am crazy, I will get to my point. Obviously I cannot organize the outdoors the way my heart truly desires. No matter how many leaves I rake (and pick up one by one) to clear the yard, there will always be more. It's never ending and that will take some getting used to. I can't make it look perfect right away, which is another struggle. Waiting isn't necessarily something I prefer but I do realize that my flowers will grow taller and bloom more. But overall I really had fun doing yard work yesterday! Weird right?

In fact, I liked it so much that I did it again today. I actually went to Home Depot sans the hubs and picked up additional flowers and mulch (which I researched, because that's just how I roll). Then, I came home and you know what I did? I planted those flowers and finished off my flower bed thingy with mulch! ME! All by myself! I even watered the sod we put down yesterday twice already. Although I'm a little afraid that I will become obsessed and try to control every aspect of the yard, I am glad to have a new hobby. Plus, the front of the house is looking pretty awesome!

Pictures will come soon, once the rest of the front yard is finished. And don't be surprised if I point out every little part that I worked on... again, it's how I roll.

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