Wittle Ducks

Lucy's eggs hatched the other morning and I got to watch it through our screen! Pretty neat to see. So meet the little ones:
I took it upon myself to decide that the two with the yellow faces are girls (because they are cute and appear to be wearing eye-liner) and the two with the brown faces are boys. It's my disney-esque situation so I will decide whatever I want, hmph. And yes, I named them even though I can't tell them apart and once they get bigger I will have no idea which ducks they are among the many that live around the lake but again, my backyard, my rules.

And in case you were wondering, I purposely did not include Lucy in this picture. She is a bit on the scary side and I don't want you all to hate her. Plus I am in denial that these adorable wittle ducklings will turn out to be big ugly black ducks with strange red bumps on their faces. Ew.

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