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After a lot of thought, I have finally decided to try to sell some of my crafty things. It's something I dabbled in a bit during college (selling a few bags here and there to classmates who asked about them) but I never really gave it any dedication. Well, I am ready to give that dedication now.

The plan is to get started on Etsy.com, such a great place for starting a creative business. And being married to a banker is definitely beneficial. He is so sweetly guiding me through the financial aspect of my future little business, reminding me of expenses that I might overlook and helping me figure out pricing and what not. It would take me a lot longer to get started if it weren't for him.

There are a couple of snags in the plan at the moment. First of all, I want to offer a nice variety of fabrics, colors, and styles in order to provide something for everyone but I haven't been able to find a fabric store that offers the assortment I am looking for. I have not been satisfied with the selection at my local Joanns lately, although I do love their 40% off coupons. So the search for fabric variety continues.

My second dilemma, and the one that is bugging me the most, is a name. What do I call my little business? I want something cute and a bit ambiguous. Everything I think of is either already taken or totally lame. One that I can't get off of my mind is "Sew Lovely" but of course there is already an Etsy seller with that name. The same goes for any other name that I "decide" on. I have looked everywhere I can think of for inspiration but I am still coming up empty. Luckily I still have time to figure it out since I am not quite ready to get the shop up and running. I still have fabric to find and lots of cutting and sewing to do.

It's very exciting even beginning this process. I'm not sure how long it will take before the shop is ready but I will keep everyone updated. If you have any tips or suggestions for getting started feel free to share :)

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