Shape Up

The temperature is supposed to be all the way up in the low eighties tomorrow and continue to stay up there through the weekend. You know what that means right? Sundresses and bathing suits. Let me just say that my body is so not ready for that!

If you look at the pictures from the bridal shower I just threw you may notice that my skin is a horrendous lovely shade of stark white. I could give Casper a run for his money in a "paleness" competition right about now. And when you combine that with the five to ten pounds of holiday weight I put on (and seem to keep adding to...) it is not a very pretty picture.

So today I busted out my Shape videos that promise a "bikini body all year long". In college I would do these videos everyday for a week or two before spring break and it would work like a charm! Then again I also ate dorritos a bag at a time paired with a mountain dew for breakfast and never gained as much as a pound. So I guess there is no guarantee it will produce the same results as it used to but it is worth a try.

My goal is to eat a little better and do these videos every other day until my best friends bachelorette party (which happens to be in the Keys, meaning I will be wearing all of those things I am not prepared for!). I have two weeks... maybe I should make that video everyday.

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  1. Good luck with the videos! I'm sure you will look even more fabulous!



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