Letting my nerd flag fly

My love for Disney movies is probably pretty apparent given the title of this blog. I grew up pretending to be Ariel in the swimming pool, trying on my moms shoes as if they were all glass slippers, reading fairytales, and calling my dad prince charming. I suppose I just never outgrew it.

I still watch Disney movies. I saw Tangled in the theater and was not accompanied by a child. I cried during Up and Toy Story 3 (and own them both on blu-ray). But my all time favorite has always been Beauty and the Beast (obviously). A daddy's girl who loves to read and lives in France, who shoots down the town jerk and falls in love with a beast turned prince. What's not to love?

So you can imagine my excitement when I saw the previews for Beastly.

Ok I admit they could have come up with a better name but still. It's a modern day Beauty and the Beast so it must be wonderful. Plus Neil Patrick Harris is in it. And Mary-Kate Olsen plays the witch/spell caster/something evil-ish looking.

I am probably more excited than I should be. I will be in Key West next weekend when it comes out but when I get back I will be dragging the hubs to see it! Anyone else crazy enough to want to see it? oh, just me?

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