How an iphone snuggie is born

First there comes an idea. Sometimes those ideas come from my brain and sometimes they come by request. This particular idea came from a friend. She wanted a camera snuggie for her grandma whose black lab recently passed away.

I start by googling images of a black lab. I'm looking for angles that would clearly depict a black lab (which is difficult considering he is all black). Finally I come across an image that I think will work. Then it's time to draw that image in a way that will translate well to felt.
I take that image and cut it into a template to trace onto the felt and cut out the pieces.
The next step is to pick a background color. In custom orders they sometimes pick their own colors but in this case my friend trusted me to pick something I thought would look good. So I tried a couple different colors.
I didn't like the way the red made the charcoal look. The light blue had a more subtle look and didn't hide the definition of the lab. Once that decision was made I cut out the background and sewed on the black lab. This is where I add all of the details that really make the characters come alive.
The edges of the snuggie are the finishing touch and then voila a camera/iphone snuggie is born!

This was one of my favorite custom orders. The meaning behind it inspired me and I wanted to create something that as just perfect for her.

I just love making these :)

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