Twenty Six

Yesterday we celebrated my 26th birthday. Last year on this day I blew out my candles, wishing to get pregnant again and for a healthy baby. I was just a few short days away from finding out that baby girl up there was in my belly. This year I have her in my arms. Life is full of miracles and this happens to be my favorite one.

Sadie and I spent most of the day in our jammies, lounging around. We took a nice long nap together, which I don't usually allow myself time for. Then Grammy and Mam-maw (my mom and grandma) took over and I took my time getting ready for my hot date. You really learn what a luxury it is to take a real shower after having a baby. I was able to shave my legs and everything!

When the hubs got home from work we took off. Just the two of us. For a date. 

He took me shopping for some cute clothes that actually fit me and then we went for dinner and drinks. It was really nice reconnecting over something other than baby drool (although we missed that baby drool terribly!). 

Of course the little miss decided she didn't want to go to sleep without Mommy and Daddy there so when we got home we changed into our pj's and had some cake. She loved the candles and wasn't too thrilled with me blowing them out. 

I am so happy to have spent my birthday with my wonderful family. Having my Mam-maw in town and meeting Sadie for the first time has been incredible. They are so in love with each other. What a lucky girl I am :)

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  1. Happy Birthday! Both my hubby and I are March birthdays too!



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