Not my favorite weekend

As I have mentioned in just about every post recently, I went back to work on Saturday. And it was terrible.

Thank goodness she was still asleep when it was time for me to leave because I don't think anyone would have been able to get her out of my arms otherwise. The tears started as I leaned over her crib rails to kiss her sweet cheek goodbye and did not stop until I arrived in the parking lot at work. It wasn't just about being away from her, it was about being away from her for so long (I work 12 hour shifts).

The tears came again whenever someone would ask about Sadie. I was able to hold it together pretty well most of the day right up until the very end of my shift. I was pumping and thinking that I only had an hour left and then I would be on my way home to my baby girl and then I remembered... I have to do this all over again in a couple of days... and then again after that. That's when those pesky tears made a reappearance.

I knew she was in great hands (with Grammy in the morning and Daddy the rest of the day) but my heart hurt so much being away from her. Everyone says it will get better and I hope that they are right.

Getting pictures like this one throughout the day sure helped though:


  1. So sorry to hear it was hard. Not one single mama I know liked going back to work. hang in there.

  2. Im really sad because of you. I understand your feelings... This photo is so cute, so I absolutely believe that keeps you up ;)
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