Three Months

This month has brought so many changes. I went back to work, meaning Sadie has been spending more time with her Daddy and Grammy and I think she really enjoys it (even though I absolutely hate being away from her!). 

Sadie is getting more curious and independent by the minute. As you see with her bear up there she is very into her toys now. She loves holding onto to things and if we don't give her something to hang on to she will practically rip her onesie off trying to pull in into her mouth! She also prefers to be sitting on her own as much as possible. She doesn't like having to lean against anything.

She has learned to roll from tummy to back! We are so proud! I couldn't believe it the first time she did it. In fact I thought "Oh man I just put her on her tummy, she's trying to get out of tummy time" so I put her back on her tummy and she did it again and then it clicked, "OMG she's rolling over!" Blame it on the lack of sleep ;)

Another wonderful new development this month has been her laugh! It is the most adorable thing I have ever heard! The hubs and I make complete fools of ourselves trying to get her to do so too. But it is totally worth it for even a second of that amazing laugh. 

This month hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows, there has been little sleep and some cranky days but I barely remember any of that as I look back over the month. The things that stick out are not waking up in the middle of the night to retrieve a paci. Instead I see all of the smiles and baby babblings, the laughs and milestones, the baby snuggles and the way she looks at me with so much love in her eyes, the way she takes in the world, every sight and sound something new and amazing. 

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