26...27... AND 28 weeks!

Yes, I am a major slacker these days. I know! Shame on me. However there is a tiny little dancer in my belly that has pretty much taken over all thoughts and sources energy so I will cut myself a break this time.

Good news is that I have not been slacking in the picture department. See, my intentions were in the right place :) So here you have me and my luxurious belly at 26, 27, and 28 weeks:

A wee bright out that day! The belly is looking nice and round and although my energy mysteriously disappeared at this point, still feeling good.

Pretty much the same as the week before, in both looks and feelings. Although my hormones have been stepping it up a notch and the tears have been a flowin' a little too frequently.

Let's just be honest here... my belly grew about three sizes in one week am I right? It looks like I am holding a basketball under my dress. This is about the point I start feeling uncomfortable. If I walk to much my back kills me, I really have a hard time sleeping now, and little Sadie's kicks are actually starting to hurt (especially the ones directly to my belly button, someone needs to tell her that is not an exit!).

On another note... I am in the THIRD freaking trimester! Holy moly!! Only two and a half months until I will hold my baby girl in my arms. The excitement is pretty overwhelming I must say.

Speaking of excitement I have even more pictures to share with you all. We got a 4D ultrasound of Sadie last week and although she was a bit shy and hid her face most of the time we were still able to get a few shots of those chunky little cheeks.

Adorable button nose, a pair of luscious lips, and lots of little fingers.

Sucking her thumb like usual and waving away any more pictures :)

Seeing her this way was pretty surreal. I mean she looks like a real little baby. Amazing. I can't imagine the feeling of seeing her for the first time. holding her. kissing her. loving her even more than I already do.

Hopefully updates will come more frequently but I make no guarantees these days. Have a great week everyone!


  1. I still think you look soooo adorable. Gosh....so happy for you and your hubby with everything you have gone through. And speaking from someone who just got to have her first baby girl, it's beyond awesome! Can't wait to see her!

  2. You look fantastic! Sadly you'll only get way more uncomfortable, but it's sooooo worth it! ;)



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