Birthday Extravaganza

Since I have the most thoughtful friends, most loving husband and most generous family it's pretty obvious that my birthday weekend was nothing less than extraordinary. I turned 24 on Sunday but the festivities began way before that! Not only did I get the best present ever (little baby swimming around in my tum) but I also had a blast, it didn't even matter that I was the only sober one this weekend. Here is a brief summary with the help of some photos:

Pedicures with the bestie followed by lunch with some lovely ladies.
(Sorry no documentation if that one)

Dinner at Opa! Which, of course, included belly dancing on the table. I think the little babe really enjoyed that one!
CAKE! And, in case you couldn't tell by the picture, lots and lots of napkin throwing because that's how they roll.
After dinner we headed to a bar around the corner, can't remember the name but it involved dragon tattoos and creative dancing :)
The next day (the actual day of my birth) was very relaxing: shopping with the hubby and dinner with the momma and brother for some long craved for steak!

And the last day of my birthday extravaganza was a trip down to Jupiter, FL to see my most favorite baseball team during spring training! GO CARDINALS!
Sorry this post had very little to do with the little jelly bean living in my belly but there isn't a whole lot of new information to share. I could go into detail about my growing morning (aka all day) sickness but I'll save that for another time. Updates should be coming soon. Doctors appointment in t-minus 3 days! The excitement may cause me to spontaneously combust but hopefully not... that wouldn't be good.

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