5 Weeks :)

So maybe I haven't quit got the whole "taking a picture of my belly" thing down yet but there's not really anything to see yet and I will get better, I promise!
Plus, do you really want to see my bloat? My elbow is much prettier.

I found this little weekly survey on another blog and I like it so I stole it and plan on doing an update (with picture and all) every week. There wont be a whole lot to see at first but it will be cool looking back on how normal my belly looks now.

How far along?: 5 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: probably gained a few pounds but because of not running :(
Maternity clothes?: nope
Stretch marks?: nope
Sleep: stirring with worry but I'm working on that
Best moment this week: having proof that we're really having a baby
Movement: just gas haha
Food cravings: red meat, mostly steak
Gender: isn't craving meat supposed to be a sign it's a boy? hmm
Labor signs: no way
Belly Button in or out?: major in-y
What I miss: coke and coffee!!!! ahh the withdrawals!
What I am looking forward to: our first doctors appointment next week
Weekly Wisdom: don't test until after your missed period because false negatives are mean
Milestones: positive pregnancy test, sharing the news with family, close friends, and drunk strangers at beer fest.

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