Me vs. The AC Repair Man

If you are a fellow Floridian than you understand the importance of a working air conditioner in April. If you are not a Floridian than you will just have to trust me on this one. A broken AC unit on an 86 degree day challenges my sanity. I think it is winning.

The little ladie and I had a nice little day planned out. A lunch out with one of friends and then a playdate for Sadie and her bestie after that. But we pushed them back so we could wait for the AC repair guy. Because we love our AC so we do what he tells us!

He was supposed to be here this morning. We have been waiting. and sweating. all. day.


Now we have officially canceled our plans and are patiently awaiting the man who speaks magic words to our air conditioning... under the ceiling fan...

Please hurry AC Repair Man. Before this heat truly takes my sanity.


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  2. Ugh totally agree! When I was pregnant with Rylie I had no ac in my car...during the whole Summer! It was miserable!

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