One Month

Where on Earth has the time gone? One month old already? How can this be? I swear I just brought her home yesterday. But as I look down at this sweet baby snoozing on my chest I can clearly see that she is not the same newborn I first held in the labor and delivery room. She is bigger, longer, has fuller cheeks (I didn't even think that was possible), and more hair. She makes fun new noises and toots even louder than her daddy (we are both very impressed by this).

I have never enjoyed anything as much as I enjoy being a Mommy. Sure getting up 3 times a night and cleaning someone else's poop off of yourself multiple times a day may not sound very glamorous but it is totally worth all of the smiles, snuggles, and "coo's" you get in return.

Here we will start the first of many monthly updates.

(ps- these are way more fun than the bump updates. just saying)


  1. She looks just like you!

  2. They grow up like lightening. Enjoy your time together.

    By the way, I nail tagged you: Nail Tag

  3. She is sooooo beautiful! I can tell she's loved and adored!



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