10 Weeks!!

My nerves were about shot as we sat in the waiting room at MFM for almost two hours waiting for our ultrasound. This was a big appointment for us. We hadn't had a baby make it this far. When they finally called us back and put that lovely gunk on my belly all of my worries disappeared.

(waving at mommy & daddy)

I could not believe how much bigger our baby had grown in those few short weeks. I immediately saw that little flutter of a heart and my own heart melted in that moment. There it was. The miracle we have been praying for for so long.

Our ultrasound tech felt so bad that we waited so long (apparently there was a bit of a mix up on their part) that she made little videos for us! The little angel had hiccups and when they finished he/she continued stretching his/her arms and legs. It was such an incredible moment. We were able to see both arms and both legs and I could have sworn I saw a little penis peek out but I am no expert. Only time will tell :)
I cannot explain the amount of joy and excitement I have right now. I feel like I might burst!

Since things are going so well we don't have to return to MFM for another ten weeks. We see my regular OB on Friday so I'm sure there will be more pictures then :)


  1. I am beyond excited for you Megan! I'm so glad everything is going so smoothly!

  2. Ahhh cute baby already! So glad everything is going so well!!

  3. Awwww! I am sooo happy for you and your hubs! The hiccups are the cutest thing ever! I was wondering, what does MFM stand for? Sorry for my lack of knowledge but I've never been pregnant before.

    I'll keep praying for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!!!

    Blogging Blondie

  4. Thank you ladies!!

    Elizabeth, MFM=Maternal Fetal Medice. They are high risk doctors which I am seeing in addition to my OB due to all of previous complications. Hopefully that is the last you hear about them! :)

  5. I'm so so so happy for you and I know that exact feeling of waiting for a sonogram and the relief that it gives you after bad news for so long! What a huge blessing and I'll keep praying for a healthy pregnancy!

    Keep the updates coming!

  6. This makes me beyond happy!! I'm so excited for you and Kevin. This is a big milestone. There's no greater feeling than seeing that little bean squirm and hearing/seeing that rapidly beating heart..well, until you actually MEET them! I'm so excited to keep up with your pregnancy journey and I can't wait to see this beautiful baby.



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